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[S+Miracle] Fermentation Set / S+미라클 발효 세트

Helps support the skin barrier and reduces potential skin inflammation and sensitivity.
  • SERUM: S+MIRACLE FERMENTATION ENERGY SKIN SOFTNER – Designed to soften and rehydrate your skin.
  • MOISTURE: S+MIRACLE FERMENTATION ENERGY SKIN EMULSION – Balance for skin oil and moisturization.
  • HYDRATION: S+MIRACLE FERMENTATION ENERGY SKIN ESSENCE – Water-based product made to address distressed skin by external environment and boost the health of skin.
  • SEAL: S+ MIRACLE FERMENTATION FIRMING DAY CREAM – Replenishes moisture barrier on the skin and helps maintain extra hydration. Light formula ideal for makeup application.
  • TARGET: S+MIRACLE FERMENTATION VOLUME EYE CREAM –  Helps hydrate and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles cause by environmental issues.

[S+ Miracle] Snail 80 Enriched Set / S+미라클 스네일 세트

Provides radiance & smooths wrinkles
  • TONER: S+MIRACLE SNAIL 80 ENRICHED SKIN – A unique formula that helps reduce wrinkle appearance and makes the skin look radiant.
  • SERUM: S+MIRACLE SNAIL 80 ENRICHED AMPOULE – Supercharged serum with high concentration of ingredients to boosts your skin’s radiance
  • MOISTURE: S+MIRACLE SNAIL 80 ENRICHED EMULSION – Lightweight milky moisture with a gel-like consistency that delivers hydration without leaving oily skin
  • TARGET: S+MIRACLE SNAIL 80 ENRICHED EYE CREAM – A rich eye cream that visibly lifts, firms and smooths wrinkles and line expressions.
  • LOCK IT IN: S+MIRACLE SNAIL 80ENRICHED CREAM – Extra hydration formula that locks in moisture for smooth and soft skin.

그리움 비타 미스트 [Miracle Mineral Vita Mist]

Contains mineral water, 10 types of vitamins to replenish dry skin. Forms a barrier on the skin that immediately supplies hydration and vitality to overly parched skin.