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그리움 비타 미스트 [Miracle Mineral Vita Mist]

Contains mineral water, 10 types of vitamins to replenish dry skin. Forms a barrier on the skin that immediately supplies hydration and vitality to overly parched skin.

그리움 마인스위퍼 마스크 [Miracle Minesweeper Pore Cleaning Mask]

Cleans skin contaminated by dirt, dead skin cells and the external environment. Protects exposed skin and effectively removes fine particular matter trapped in the pores leaving you with healthy looking skin.

그리움 쉴드 크림 [Miracle Multi Shield Cream]

Self-melting formula and water drop texture which enriches skin with hydration and silkiness.

미백 다스림 마스크 [Brightening Mask]

미백 다스림 마스크 는 동의보감에 찾은 피부 다스림 비법을 통해 피부를 맑고 환한 톤으로 개선해 주는 마스크입니다. The Whitening Dasurim Mask is a mask that improves the skin to a clear and bright tone through the skin care secret found in Donguibogam. To make your skin look brighter. Gently apply to the skin to make it silky smooth. Combined with:
  • paeonia albiflora root extract
  • coptis japonica root extract
  • morus alba leaf extract
To make your skin look brighter. Gently apply to the skin to make it silky smooth.

콜라겐 다스림 마스크 [Collagen Mask]

콜라겐 다스림 마스크는 피부의 빛과 윤기를 다스리는 콜라겐추출물, 율무씨추출물, 발상자열매추출물을 더해 맑고 밝은 기운을 선사합니다. K Guardians Collagen Relief Mask provides a clear and bright energy by adding collagen extract, adlay seed extract, and spring fruit extract that control the skin's radiance and luster. As time goes by, the density of the skin increases, transforming it into elastic skin. Collagen extract that provides a feeling of full nutrition. Properties like:
  • Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-yuen Seed Extract
  • Cnidium Monnieri Fruite Extract

주름 다스림 마스크 [Tightening Mask]

K가디언스 주름 다스림 마스크 는 동의보감에서 찾은 황제도용금면방 처방을 바탕으로 피부의 빛을 다스리는 작약추출물, 황련추출물, 상엽추출물을 더해 맑고 밝은 기운을 선사합니다. K Guardians Wrinkle Relief Mask is based on the prescription of Emperor Doyong Gold Myeonbang found in Donguibogam, and adds peony extract, barberry extract, and leaf extract that control the light of the skin to give you a clear and bright energy. Made especially to make your skin look more youthful. Combined with:
  • agaricus blazei (mushroom) extract,
  • fuscoporia obliqua extract
  • lyceum Chinese fruit extract